Paradise Electric carries out research and preliminary measuring necessary for the implementation of projects for cathodic protection in new installations or in installations with existing cathodic protection in need of modification. All services are based on the current international standards NACE and ISO. Our technical staff will work with customers to desing the most appropriate and cost-effective cathodic protection solution for any project.


Basic and detailed engineering

  • Calculations

  • Design of the project

  • Measuring of the earth resistivity

  • Current impression test with portable rectifier to estimate cathodic protection parameters

  • Limiting of noise disturbance


Measuring with standard instruments and preparing technical reports for:


  • CIPS/DCVG Survey
  • earth resistivity

  • natural potentials

  • dielectric connections isolation checks

  • calibration of cathodic protection

  • maintenance and regular inspection of the constructed cathodic protection system

  • pH measuring

  • continuous data acquisition ( hourly and daily )

  • spotting and inspection of metal structures in the ground

  • disturbance registration

  • measuring and examination of parasitic currents


  • mounting of a cathodic protection system in conducts, tankers or factories
  • impressed current system installation
  • installation of sacrificial anodes
  • examination and diagnostics of the facilities